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Volume-V, Issue-II, January 2019
Volume-V, Issue-II, January 2019
Bengali Article
রবীন্দ্রনাথের গানে অরণ্য ও তপোবনের কল্পনায় বিশ্বপ্রকৃতি ও আধুনিক পরিবেশ চেতনার মেলবন্ধন
Samhita Bhattacharjee, UGC-NET Senior Research Fellow, Dept. of Rabindra Sangeet, Rabindra Bharati University, West Bengal, India
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 01-13
English Article
Rethinking the Main Theories of Ethnic Conflict
Afa’anwi Ma’abo Che, Kampala International University (KIU), Uganda
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 14-22
Iqbal’s Educational Thought: A Solution for Problems of Muslims
Ajaz Ahmad Telwani, Iqbal Institute of Culture and Philosophy University of Kashmir, India
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 23-36
Enhancing Change Management at University Education Institutions in Egypt in the Light of Gemba Kaizen Model: A Qualitative Study
Amany Muhamad Sherf, PhD, Lecturer of Foundations of Education, Faculty of Education, Assiut University, Egypt
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 37-57
Intellectual Property, Individualism and Socialism attitudes in Australian Law
Dr. Hossein Sartipi, Ph.D in International Law, Faculty Member and Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 58-66
Advertisement and Spirit of Nationality Roland Barthes Semiotic Analysis of Nippon Paint Ad
Achmad Jamil  & Rr. Tafifah, Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi, Universitas Mercu Buana, Jakarta, Indonesia
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 67-83
The Indonesian Lakip Performance Measurement Model ImplementationA Case Study At State of Gorontalo’s Capital City
Mattoasi, Gorontalo State University
Rose Shamsiah Samsudin, North Malaysia University
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 84-93
Relative Advantage, Perceived Usefulness and Social Influence are the main precursors that drive adoption of e-government among the Youth in Kenya
Richard Kyalo Mutuku, Kenyatta University, Department of Public Policy and Administration, Nairobi, Kenya
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 94-121
Household Characteristics and Child Labour in Western Region of Kenya
Sande Anne
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 122-133
Practical Application of Proclamation no. 799/2013 against Motor cycle: The Case of Wolaita Sodo, Southern Ethiopia
Yared Kefyalew Demarso, Principal Researcher, (LL.B, LL.M), Lecturer of Laws at Wolaita Sodo University, Bogale
Anja Aba Ethiopia, Co-Researcher: (LL.B, LL.M), Lecturer of Laws at Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 134-142
China Town of Kolkata: Possibilities of new horizon in SINO-INDIAN cultural interaction
Saptarshi Sengupta, Assistant Professor, Jain University
Abstract          PDF          DOI: 10.29032/ijhsss.v5.i2.2019.          Page No. 143-147
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